Rainstorms Cause Risk of Flooding From Texas to Missouri and Tennessee

Rainstorms Cause Risk of Flooding From Texas to Missouri and Tennessee

The southern central states are on high alert after the meteorologist department issued a warning to expect severe thunderstorms. There is heightened risk of flash flooding and property damage. The severe rainstorm headed their way is due to cold fronts slicing into surging warm air. The storms are expected to cut across eastern Texas, move through across the central plains, and go all the way to Missouri and Tennessee. According to Alex Avalos, the AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions Storm Warning Meteorologist, the storm has the capability of producing damaging winds and large hail, and adds that the possibility of a tornado can’t be ruled out.

Keep an Eye on the Sky

People outdoors are encouraged to keep a look out as the rainstorms are travelling at a very high speed. As soon as dark clouds roll across the sky, ensure everyone is indoors. The cities that will face the blunt force of the storms on Wednesday night include Dallas and San Antonio in Texas, Little Rock, and Fayetteville in Arkansas, Tulsa in Oklahoma, Springfield, Kansas City, St. Louis in Missouri, and Shreveport in Louisiana.

Forecasts show that the rainstorms will wane in the early hours of Thursday, but will pick up pace in the afternoon affecting Louisiana, Missouri, and Alabama. There is a strong possibility that the rainstorms will continue to Georgia and down to Florida. The rainstorms are also expected to have a heavy downpour, which increases the chances of flooding.

Be on the lookout for lightning strikes. A 28-year-old woman was struck on Friday night as she sought shelter in a tent at the Blues Festival held at Larose, Louisiana. Urban areas and along small streams are areas where there are higher risks of flooding, so be wary of flash floods.

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