Cyclone Nora Causes Dangerous Weather in Queensland

Cyclone Nora Causes Dangerous Weather in Queensland

Northern Queensland received one of the severest tropical storms dubbed Cyclone Nora. It hit the coast less than 24 hours after it formed over the Arafura Sea. The storm then intensified into a tropical cyclone, which meteorologists equate to a category 2 hurricane. Cyclone Nora caused dangerous weather and wreaked havoc all over Queensland and much further afield to sections of Cape York, as well as causing flooding in the several low lying sections of Cairns.

Cyclone Nora swept away everything in its wake. Shoppers at a shopping center in Earlville and Rusty waded ankle deep in floodwaters. In Port Douglas, holiday apartment owners had a hard time keeping water from seeping into their buildings. The devastation did not stop there; there were massive landslides that closed sections of roads such as Captain Cook Highway north of Cairns, and it shut off remote communities in and around Cape York

Low Pressure

After the havoc, Cyclone Nora has since weakened to a low-pressure system and projections do not foresee it building up to be a cyclone again. Despite this, there are still severe weather warnings for areas in and around Cairn. The Gulf country areas between Burketown and Pormpuraaw can expect more heavy rainfall as well as damaging winds.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Cairns received over 260 mm of rainfall in 24 hours with some areas recording a staggering 500 mm in the same period. However, the seas around Gulf of Carpentaria will remain rough.

The river Daintree recorded nearly 20 feet of water and several areas experienced moderate flooding. The islands around the Gulf of Carpentaria especially the Wellesley and Normanton Islands experienced torrential rains with a likelihood of flooding.

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