Winter Puts Winter Sport Fishing On Hold

Winter Puts Winter Sport Fishing On Hold

If winter forecasters are accurate, Canada may be up to experience its first defreeze of the season. This is unusual for the cold country, and winter sport fishers are broken-hearted.

Ice fishing is a popular sport in Canada, and the snow and cold temperatures help keep lake ice stable enough for fishermen to stand on. From January to March, the winter season provides license-holders the opportunity to pick up trout, pickerel and perch.

Anglers enjoy ice fishing because it is one of the easiest ways to fish in Canada. It is so easy that there are bag limits for several areas! At the Black Lake and West Branch Lake, anglers may fish up to 25 of each species of fish. Variations of this rule apply to several areas, so anglers have to take precautions before they begin their sport.

Unfortunately for serious sport fishers, the weather has been too mild this year to firm up the larger lakes. Red Cross requires a minimum of 6 inches of ice before an angler can stand, walk, or fish on the lake. With the rare heat wave coming this weekend, we may begin to see weakened ice or running water near lakes. All of these factors may signal a dangerous soft spot.

Professional winter anglers are attuned to the weather, as even mild changes in temperature will have significant effects on the safety of ice. This February 14th and 15th, Nova Scotia inhabitants will be given the opportunity to participate in a winter sport fishing weekend. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the weather holds out through then!


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