The Different techniques and Methods that are used in Sport Fishing

The Different techniques and Methods that are used in Sport Fishing

Sport fishing or recreational fishing is to carry the activity for catching fishes for pleasure or at times competition only. It is quite different from commercial fishing, which is done solely for business and profits or subsistence fishing, which is done only for survival. Various techniques are employed in the activity of sport fishing like hand gathering, angling, netting, spear fishing and trapping. The techniques involved in sport fishing have some intricate link with the knowledge of the fishing and their behavior like habitat, migratory activities and foraging.

The fishing techniques that would be deployed for catching the fishes would dependent on the knowledge about these fishes as well as their behavior. The primary consideration for selecting on the technique is the habitat of the fishing where the activity would occur. For example, if the fishing activity would be taking place in a large water body like the middle of a sea, then netting would be the best option. However, in case of a smaller and still water body like lake angling would be the best option.

 Out of all the above said techniques, angling is the best method observed for recreational fishing. Angling itself has various other sub-techniques that are deployed in the fishing depending on various factors like locations, type of target fish and many more. The main categories of angling include line fishing and rod angling. Besides other techniques like bottom fishing, Ice fishing, Kayak fishing, Kite fishing and angling with boat and remote control are also quite popular methods in sport fishing.


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