Surprise for all anglers

Surprise for all anglers

The Bassmaster Southern Open had a surprising ending and winner. Due to conditions most anglers moved to Kissimmee and locked down, believing that Toho will not deliver the wining catch. However Chad Morgenthaler spent all three days of the competition on Toho and caught the winning fish.

Morgenthaler who was in ninth place had a final catch of 22 lbs., 3 ounces and that was enough to send him to first place with a total of 52-7. Bobby Lane who finished second with 48-13 and also had the second biggest catch of the day at 14 lbs. and followed Morgenthaler in line.

Morgenthaler stated for Bassmaster that even though everyone said there would be no winning on Toho he felt that to be untrue. He continued to say that during practice that was the spot where he pulled the biggest fish.

There were also a few other people who wouldn't leave Toho, however they were not as lucky or skilled as Morgenthaler. However all of them were in the right place and as the sun started shining in the morning of the last day, all the fish came out from the wintering holes in order to feed.

Morgenthaler won over $48,000 in cash and a new bass fishing motorboat. Besides too obvious material win this is also a big victory for Morgenthaler as 400 anglers from all over the world represented their hometowns as well as their sponsors. The next edition of the Bassmaster Southern Open (second) will take place in April on the Alabama River.


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