Sport fishing boats

Sport fishing boats

We’ve already talked about sport fishing boats before, and we gave you some recommendations, but we decided to give you few more.
Cabo Yacht is definitely one of them. In 1991, Cabo showed a new model called Ed Monk which presented a new standard when it comes to fishing boats and it set the bar high. People were surprised by the look of this boat, because they couldn’t believe that sailors managed to make this kind of fishing boat.

In 2013, company Versa Capitol Management invested more than 1.3 billion of their goods and they bought Cabo Yachts. Many people will tell you that a lot of things define Cabo, such as excellent hardware, components, plumbing that have no peers and much more.

The story of Gamefisherman was pretty interesting. Mike Matlack noticed that majority of people are into buying smaller boats, but there was one problem - no one wanted to build them. So he decided he will do that, and he left Rybovich, which was another boat, and decided to build a Gamefisherman.

The first one was built in 1986, and few years later Matlack decided that he should simply expand the line and build both smaller ones and bigger ones. Today he says that he still builds smaller boats, even though the most popular ones are 80-footers.

Then we have Garlington Landeweer who was built by Peter Landeweer. Peter Landeweer comes from a family who simply loves fishing. They loved to fish for tuna, so they decided that they should have their own boat. They build 67-footer and called it Snow Goose.
In 1993 Garlington was ready for sale and that’s how they decided they wanna do this business.


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