Rules and regulations for freshwater fishing in Norway

Rules and regulations for freshwater fishing in Norway

If you are a fisherman, you know that one of the best places for fishing is Norway. It has almost perfect conditions for fishing, so many people go there every year to fish. But there are several rules and regulations. If you don’t obey them, you can be charged and even asked to leave the country!

The basic thing you must have for fishing in Norway is fishing license. You must have a freshwater fishing license, which is a combination of national and local licenses. In some parts of Norway, you must buy a license from the holders of the fishing rights. These licenses allow you to fish in rivers, lakes and streams, and they are usually issued by the local authorities. Don’t think you need to buy it only once! Any fishing license is limited to just one, specific place and it can be used just for a certain period of time. Beside local authorities, you can buy this license in sports shops and in convenience stores. Every person over 16 years of age, must pay a fishing fee, if he wants to fish sea trout, Arctic char or salmon.

You must obey local restrictions. They are depending on the place where you are fishing. The most restrictions are related to the salmon. Catch and release is widely practiced, so you cannot make a mistake if you are doing this. If you kill a fish, in some areas, that means you cannot fish the rest of a day. In addition, you can go anywhere you like in Norway. But, there are serious regulation for protecting the environment.


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