Capture of a Giant Trevally near Hawaii

Capture of a Giant Trevally near Hawaii

The terrific catch of a Pacific species, believed to be found in near-east of Hawaii, has been made by a fishing-resort manager. Olivier Charpentier managed to stun scientists and recreational fishermen by posting a photo with his recent catch of a Giant Trevally.

Giant Trevally is a rarely found species, living in the Pacific Ocean and observed from Hawaii to Australia. They are known to be able to reach 160 pounds, being one of the world’s most powerful near shore game fishes. There’s no wonder Charpentier marked an historical event, since his performance marks the first GT caught along the coast of Central America. Professionals have made their declarations. One of the world’s leading experts on carangids (the family of jacks and trevallies), William Smith-Vaniz agreed that “This fish is definitely a giant trevally.”.

Another expert on fishes of the tropical Eastern Pacific, Robertson, had declared before the catch that a GT was reported to be sighted well off the coast of Ecuador in the Galapagos. According to the evidence, brought up by scientist, a giant trevally range extension has been taking place for a time. Therefore, the species gained its rare value, being found across the coasts of Panama and Costa Rica.

Therefore, we get closer to believe that giant trevally will soon join their ranks as a great game fish, which is mostly available to anglers off Central America. Yet, it’s to be seen if anyone will get as much attention, in the near future, as Charpentier, by making a bigger catch.


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